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Our Mission

We are passionate about the role private business plays in our economy and in our communities.

We are committed to helping these business owners maximize the value and the marketability of their business. 



David Kennebeck has decades of experience advising private businesses on a wide range of issues. In roles ranging from senior commercial lender & bank executive, to CFO and small business President, David has developed a broad range of solutions for business challenges and opportunities.

Photo: David Kennebeck

Areas of expertise include:

  • Outsourced CFO

  • Financial Management

  • Business Growth Strategies

  • SWOT Analyses

  • Business Financing

  • Business Valuations

  • Small & Mid Market M&A

Business Value Consulting is part of a network of business advisors and business support professionals giving us the ability to tailor advisor teams to a client's needs.


When the need arises, we partner with a limited list of trusted private business advisors who provide specific areas of expertise for our clients, from Marketing, to Business Insurance, Employee Benefit Plans, Payroll Processing, Merchant Card Processing, Legal Services and others.

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