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 Chief Officer, Financial Insights & Analytics

 All-in-One Analysis, Projection & Valuation Model  

  • end-to-end analysis & unique insights

  • benchmarking to peers

  • automated 3-statement projections

  • business valuations under any scenario

  • seamless acquisition modeling

  • all key metrics graphed, much more!

  • And fast. Start to finish in 30 minutes.

More than a spreadsheet, COFIA is an automated, integrated & customizable program that performs deep dive financial analyses on all aspects of financial performance, provides unique insights, values the business, creates in-depth financial plans, and summarizes it's findings.


A Swiss Army Knife © for private company financial professionals, COFIA provides a wide array of integrated tools so you can:

  • Review an in-depth color highlighted analysis of historic and projected performance

  • Automated, 3-statement projections; customize over 50 assumptions

  • Dynamic Business Values under any assumptions

  • Determine Debt Capacity/Credit Strength

  • Perform Peer Benchmarking on a wide range of metrics

  • Compare dozens of metrics on KPI Dashboard

  • Value an Acquisition, and easily incorporate into company projections


  • Answer any “what-ifs?” with a few clicks as business conditions & results change   


​   Markets & Solutions


   Private Business Owner & CFO

  • No automation with current analysis and forecasting

  • No cash flow plan – no time to prepare

  • No integrated financial model - separate spreadsheets for each analysis

  • No tool to forecast working capital and its cash requirements

  • Uncertain how they compare to peers

  • Inadequate package of information when approaching lenders

  • No consistent set of metrics to evaluate performance over time, how each impacts value

  • Difficulty valuing & modelling a potential acquisition with balance sheet and cash flow impacts

  • More fun to use than current spreadsheets, see impact to a range of metrics with each assumption change    

    Private Equity/M&A

  • Much faster vetting of financials and company value than current methods

  • Finish financial review in hours, not days, more marketing time

  • Screen prospective acquisitions on a variety of metrics at once

  • Offer clients gaap-compliant 3-statement projections and estimates of future net value

  • Helps with deal review fatigue-color-cue analysis evaluates important results

    Fractional CFO’s

  • Big differentiator, reports provide a wide range of insights to share with clients  

  • Present clients comprehensive, value-add financial plans without hours of work

  • Colorful, easy to read graphs to visually demonstrate the financial impact your recommendations will have on their business value under a variety of one-click scenarios 

    Business CPA's


  • Great way to begin a consulting relationship with tax only clients

  • Facilitates conversations and potential engagements on a range of topics, from cash flow forecasting, tax planning, and margin improvements, to business valuation work and more


  • Screen prospective borrowers on a variety of metrics with automated, color cue analysis

  • Model includes Risk Rating system that can be modified to match your bank's scoring

  • Collateral is margined (customizable) and compared to debt outstanding

  • Great tool for bank workout groups to create repayment structures under various scenarios

  • Model can answer hundreds of what-if questions with a mouse click 

Talk to us about creating a robust financial analysis and valuation for your business. 


All you need to do is provide three years of historic financial results. We will provide you with an end to end analysis on your company's performance, it's financial condition, it's fair market value, and much more, including actionable insights.   

Click on the button below to see a portion of what you receive in a COFIA Management Report. 

Please watch the video below to get an overview of our financial analysis, benchmarking, forecasting and business value tool : COFIA - Chief Officer, Financial Insights & Analytics

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