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Business Valuations

National surveys reveal 95% of private business owners don't know the value of their business.

Surprising, since 78% will fund their retirement by selling their business. 

We think we know why.

Mostly, it’s time and money.

Dozens of hours of your time assembling information and answering questions. Fees starting at $5,000, often more.

So you guess, trust your gut, and refer to industry "rules of thumb" to value what is most likely your most valuable asset. 


Through our affordable and quick-turnaround valuation process, utilizing a leading valuation software and database platform, we can provide you with a verifiable value of your business in a matter of days, instead of weeks. And at a fraction of the cost of a formal business valuation. 

The system’s ability to estimate company value as comparable to a formal Board Certified Valuation has been verified by and supported by NAVBC professionals, as well as investment banking professionals throughout the US.

Our process and systems will also provide a customized roadmap for how you can build more value for your company, given your industry, company size, resources, internally funded growth rate, and many other variables.

The 27 valuation is a comprehensive analysis that draws on the sales data and valuations of millions of private companies across the US. 


If you want a Pain-Free, Affordable, Accurate Business Valuation, click below and get the process started, with no obligation!

10 Reasons For A Business Valuation


Better understand Your Business and its POTENTIAL


To Discover the key metrics in your industry that DRIVE VALUE


To know the value of your largest asset so you can PROPERLY PREPARE financially


SUCCESSION PLANNING & Ownership Transfers


To Create Buy/Sell AGREEMENTS


To ensure the business and your family are properly INSURED AND PROTECTED




For Comparison to ACQUISITION Opportunities


Because you are more than a little CURIOUS 


For Establishing Trusts & an ESTATE PLAN

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