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Chief Finanical Officer

Most businesses need the advice and direction a seasoned CFO can provide, even if just for couple of days a month.


Often we rely on our CPA tax partners to provide that type of advice. Unfortunately, our CPA is responsible for dozens of clients as well as staying current on ever changing tax laws.


That leaves little time to focus on any one business and proactively create financial plans and practices.

We provide that critical CFO advice and direction businesses need to maintain liquidity and plan for financing future growth, without the cost of a CFO on your payroll.  

We are available for specific projects, or on an ongoing basis as your outsourced Finance Advisor and Manager.

Ways we help private businesses:

  • Improve your Cash Conversion Cycle

  • Evaluate Costs, Potential Savings & Implement Solutions

  • Match Fund your Assets with your Liabilities

  • Establish an Owner(s) Dividend Policy

  • Establish Credit Lines with Lenders and Key Suppliers

  • Perform Due Diligence on Acquisitions

  • KPI's and Financial Metric Monitoring

We use our proprietary "COFIA" Financial Model to quickly and accurately create a Complete Financial Analysis, with output including:

  • P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Forecasting

  • Sensitivity Analysis

  • KPI Dashboards & Management Reporting Tools

  • Capital Structure and Cash Flow Assessments

  • Peer Benchmarking -Revenue, Liquidity, Solvency, Profit

  • Debt Service Analysis / Borrowing Capacity

  • Estimate of Current Business Value

  • Illustrative Presentation of Primary Financial Data

We are available on a project or continuing basis, according to your financnial management needs. Contact us to see how we may be add value to your company.  

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