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Business Valuations

We provide privately held businesses with affordable, quick and accurate business valuations, backed by the data of millions of company valuations and tens of thousands of company sales transactions. 


We're able to provide these valuations with very little required of the business owner, and at a modest price because of the efficiencies provided by our valuation software and database platform.

This allows us to provide the business owner with a market verified valuation in a week versus possibly months.  


"If business schools could offer just one course, it would not be on stock trading, the efficient market hypothesis or modern portfolio theory. Rather, business schools should be encouraging students to learn the boring but critically important discipline of business valuation."  


- Warren Buffet

Business Value Key Drivers

We'll show you where your business ranks in more than 15 Keys Areas of Business Value, and create action plans prioritized by their ROI and their impact on your long term Business Value.


If your company struggles with sales growth, the analysis will uncover your "choke-points" to sales growth and how they may be remedied.

Along with growing diverse revenue sources, there are other key factors that determine business value, and we will walk you through each one and assess where you are today and where you need to be in the future. 


Examples of areas to address include documented processes and procedures, management team depth, customer concentration, technological obsolescence, automation/digital opportunities, degree of owner dependence, along with others.


We offer clients ongoing consultation and project management services to guide improvement in the most important drivers of value for your business and industry.


It is the rare business that can "check off all of the boxes" for maximum business value. For most, it is a matter of checking off as many as you can, each one bringing their own efficiency and business value rewards. 

Business Graphs

Succession & Exit Preparation

As the saying goes, everyone exits their business, one way or another. It is up to you to prepare for both the expected exit, and the possible unforeseen one.


Succession plans can take many different forms. Some business owners choose to keep it to a simple document with a few names, while others draft robust plans that address a wide variety of contingencies. 


The needed complexity of your plan depends on the specific nature of your company’s leadership team. We provide the guidance to help you find the plan that best suits your company.


There are several important components to Succession Planning.

These include:

  • Key Positions-How Many?

  • Potential Candidates-How many for each Key Position?

  • Candidate's readiness rating for new role-Months, or years?

  • Timeline for plan to take place-Usually 2-3 years or more out

You also need to consider what transpires in the event of unforeseen tragedy for key employees, ownership, both.

Too few businesses give this risk the attention it deserves, failing to update Buy-Sell agreements, ignoring potential family member shareholder issues, carrying too little insurance to cover many different forms of risks. 

We'll help you consider everything that goes into a robust Succession Plan, one that reduces risk and uncertainty for you, your family, your team, and the business. 


Deep Dive SWOT Analyses

The value of your business is the "quantitative summation of your company’s SWOT analysis." 


Not ours, that statement, but it is an elegant marrying of intangible business value with the more tangible dollars and sense business value we focus on when we sell.

Once you get clear on what your business is worth today and why, it is time to create and implement action plans and investments to improve.


We help you perform an in-depth SWOT analysis of your business, one that comes with objective third party assessments, and includes confidential employee and customer input if desired.

We gather valuable input from a wide spectrum of people involved with your business. And we assimilate that information to create and prioritize action plans that balance investment and return, productivity and business value. 

Our SWOT Analyses go beyond the 4-box chart.


Listing strengths and weaknesses is important, but identifying and acting upon the opportunities and threats for your business is where future value will be created.


Let us help you get clearer on your strategies and action plans to grow your business, and help you convert them to actions and results. 


Financial Planning & Oversight

BVC helps business owners simplify their finances, get a better understanding on where they are today, and prepare for the future.


We're available for specific CFO related projects or on an ongoing basis, as your outsourced Finance Advisor and Manager.

We'll get your finance department running smoothly, increase focus on cash flow and liquidity, and offer insights for improvements in all areas related to the financial health of the business.


Some of what we can do for your business:

  • Organize your financial statement reporting

  • Provide financial insights and action plans

  • Improve your cash conversion cycle

  • Identify and implement cost reductions

  • Match fund your assets with your liabilities

  • Establish an owner(s) dividend policy

  • Establish credit lines with lenders and key suppliers

  • Perform due diligence on acquisitions

We provide Deep Dive Financial Analyses, including:

  • P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Forecasting

  • Sensitivity Analysis

  • Customized KPI Dashboards & Management Reporting Tools

  • Ways to improve A/R, Inventory, A/P & Decrease Working Capital

  • Capital Structure and Cash Flow Assessments

  • Ratio Analysis versus Peer Group

  • Activity Ratios, Liquidity Ratios, Solvency Ratios, Profitability

  • Illustrative Charts, common language Take-Aways & Action Plans

  • Assessment of Operating Leverage

  • Assessment of Breakeven Point

  • Monthly Cash Burn Rate

  • Many other assessments of your Business' Financial Condition

Cash Flow.jpg

M & A Consulting

We serve as lead advisor on private company acquisitions, confidentially qualifying potential candidates, negotiating LOI's, directing due diligence, arranging financing commitments, and managing the deal to close.  

Many businesses find that the time and investment required to grow organically is less attractive than achieving more profitable scale rapidly through acquisition.


We have read for years how millions of private businesses will be for sale as more and more Baby Boomers retire.

It hasn't happened as planned, given the two large economic shocks dealt in the last 10 years that set everyone back. 


But the supply and the demand remain, and eventually this great transfer of private business ownership will be in full swing, with multiple opportunities for business owners to acquire market share and greatly enhance the value of their business.


There will also be opportunities to vastly overpay for a business operating a model becoming less relevant in the digital, remote economy.

With so much to consider, don't be your only advisor on an acquisition. Let us help you identify value, risks, and structure the acquisition to limit your downside.





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Due Diligence Photo.jpg

Business Financing

Businesses often fall into the trap of waiting until the last minute to arrange the credit needed to pursue growth initiatives or survive liquidity crises.


Or they rely solely on the counsel of the banker sitting across the table from them, who represents the bank's interests in the end, not always your best interests.  

We’ll help you avoid restrictive loan structures, accelerated amortization, fees, pledging too much, paying a higher than market rate, or personally guaranteeing what can stand on its own.


We serve as the business owner's proxy:


  • Determining your optimal debt level and liquidity needs

  • Preparing your loan request

  • Negotiating with lenders

  • Securing your loan commitments


We work with dozens of senior bank debt lenders, collateral based lenders, equipment financing, SBA loans, mezzanine lenders and others who provide credit to privately held businesses. 

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