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We provide privately held businesses with inexpensive and accurate business valuations that are backed by the data of millions of company valuations and past company sales transactions. 


We are able to provide these valuations with very little required of the business owner, and at a modest price because of the efficiencies provided by our valuation  software and database platform.


This allows us to provide the business owner with a market verified valuation in a week or less versus possibly months.  

Key Drivers to Business Value


We'll show you where your business ranks in more than 15 Keys Areas of Business Value, and create action plans prioritized by their ROI and their impact on your long term Business Value.


If your company struggles with sales growth, the analysis will uncover your "choke-points" to sales growth and how they may be remedied.


We offer ongoing consultation and project management services to guide improvement in the most important areas of your business.  

Business Exit Strategy & Preparation


We help Business Owners prepare to exit their business by evaluating their options and doing the preparation needed to evaluate.

For most businesses, it takes a few years of focused effort to prepare their business for sale. Most of the work involves documenting processes.

We can help you categorize all that needs to be done, create action plan, and provide ongoing project management services through a successful conclusion.

Comprehensive SWOT Analysis

The value of your business is the quantitative summation of your company’s SWOT analysis.


We can provide in depth SWOT analyses that include confidential employee input if desired. We will uncover valuable information from a wide spectrum of people involved with your business (customer and vendor input also, if desired). And we assimilate that information to create and prioritize action plans.

Our SWOT Analyses are comprehensive, and go beyond the famous 4-box SWOT chart. It is not just a mere listing of strengths, weaknesses, et al, and includes various recommendations and action plans based on the discoveries.

Financial Planning & Oversight

If you need help organizing your financial operations and developing a business financial plan, we will help get your finance department running smoothly, increase focus the on cash flow and liquidity, and offer insights for improvements.


We'll show you ways to access your balance sheet for cash, create KPI dashboards, and ensure that you are getting the information you need from your financials to make the right decisions today. 


We can give you the financial order and clarity you seek for your business, and help eliminate surprises and the constant stress of cash flow crises.


Mergers & Acquisition Consulting

We have advised on several private company purchases, and provide valuable guidance in the process of evaluation, due diligence, and purchase terms. 

We will help you identify risks to avoid, and structure the deal in a manner that protects you as much as can be negotiated.  

Business Messaging & Branding

What is your business’ story? How do you tell it? What do you most want them to know about yours that you think if you were in their shoes you would want to know and feel much better once you know it?

Businesses often fall into the trap of listing features of their products and services as central to their sales pitch, forgetting that the customer may have trouble inserting themselves and their needs into that feature set.


We'll help you tell your company story in a more compelling way, one that focuses on the specific problems you are solving or the opportunities your are creating for your customers through your products and services.

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