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 Consulting Services

"Key Value Drivers" Report

We'll show you where your business ranks in more than 15 Keys Areas of Business Value & create action plans prioritized by their ROI and value impact.

We offer clients ongoing consultation and project management services to guide improvement in the most important drivers of value for their business.


Few companies can "check all the boxes" that drive business value. From industry fundamentals and customer concentration, to brand awareness, marketing systems, and management depth, it is tough to excel at all of them.


For most companies, it is a matter of checking off as many as possible, each one bringing their own efficiency and business value reward.   

"Deep Dive" SWOT Analysis

It has been said the dollar value of a business is the "quantitative summation of the company’s SWOT analysis." 

Once you know what your business is worth and why, it's time to create and implement action plans and make investments to add to the value you have created.


We help you create an in-depth SWOT analysis of your business, including objective third-party assessments, and if desired, confidential employee and customer input.

Our SWOT Analyses go beyond the famous 4-box chart.


Listing strengths and weaknesses is important, but responding to threats and pursuing new opportunities are how future value will be created. 

M & A Consulting

Many businesses find that the time and investment required to grow organically is less attractive than scaling through acquisition.

We serve as your advisor on private company acquisitions, confidentially qualifying potential candidates, negotiating LOI's, directing due diligence, arranging financing commitments, and managing the deal to close.  


A great transfer of private business ownership is predicted for the years ahead, providing opportunities for businesses to acquire market share and significantly enhance the value of their business.

As those who have been through a company purchase know, there is a lot to consider and do to execute on an acquisition.


We can help identify acquisition opportunities, manage risks, perform due diligence, and secure financing for your deal. 

Succession & Exit Preparation

As the saying goes, everyone exits their business, one way or another.


It is up to Business Owners to prepare for both the expected exit, and the possible unforeseen one.


Succession plans can take many different forms. Some business owners choose to keep it to a simple document with a few names. Others draft plans addressing a wide variety of contingencies. 


The depth of your plan depends on the nature of your company’s leadership team and current ownership. We'll work with you to craft a customized plan.


There are several important components to Succession Planning:

  • key positions-how many?

  • potential candidates-how many for each key position?

  • candidate's readiness rating for new role?

  • timeline for the plan to take place?

Too few businesses give this planning the attention it deserves and find themselves with outdated "Buy-Sell" agreements, family member shareholder disputes, lacking management depth and "Key-Person" insurance in place when the unexpected happens

If you think your succession plan should be more than a few names, we'll help you have a plan ready

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