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Projecting the future just got easier

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Introducing COFIA  - Chief Officer, Financial Insights & Analytics

Our proprietary, customizable Excel workbook will be your favorite tool to use when performing business financial analysis and planning.

COFIA gives you a fully automated, integrated model that performs thousands of calculations as soon as you enter your results, generating over 40 pages of insight packed analysis, as well as over 20 dynamic graphs of your most important financial results & trends.

In as little as 30 minutes you can have a completed end-to-end analysis of your last 5 years, 3-statement projections for the next 5, peer benchmarking and estimates of business value. And a whole lot more.

You have the abiity to customize the model to your goals and expectactions, adjusting any of dozens of assumptions to test your "what-ifs".

We are offering the model on an annual subscription basis, as well as offering a COFIA Financial Report & Estimate of Value (pdf & hard copy) for your business.

Contact us & we'll be happy to provide you with a demo, and an overview of what COFIA has to offer.

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